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 Latest News
 • MergePower introduces Undisclosed Liability module for Fannie Mae Loan Quality Initiative

 • MergePower obtains Trademark registration for Attribute Pro

 • MergePower receives MISMO 2.3.1 certification



MergePower Inc, a  company of employees who understand the credit reporting industry from the inside out. Creating elegent solutions that have enabled clients to do logic based analytics, merging, scoring, and attribute mining via client and online access. MergePower has created a suite of exceptionally flexible credit applications that continue to grow along with the needs of our clients and the credit industry.

Attribute Pro® allows users to create complex, custom credit bureau attributes through the use of a graphical interface. Start using Attribute Pro and say goodbye to your development costs!

Merge Pro is an extremely fast, accurate and reliable tri-bureau merge engine. Virtually nothing in this merge is hard-coded; not any of the credit definitions used nor the merge logic itself. This flexibility enables your company to fulfill customer specific alterations to your merge logic simply by running different configurations of the merge engine simultaneously.

Parse Pro transforms any infile from Experian, Trans Union or Equifax into MISMO compliant XML, with lightning fast average transaction times well under 1/10 of a second.

Score Pro allows companies to create their own custom credit score. This enables a more robust analysis of credit risk than would be possible simply by viewing the applicant's Fico or Vantage scores.

Additional Options:  Besides standard licensing, MergePower offers its customers the ability to license the actual source code for their own internal needs. All programs can run on any major operating system.

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