AttributePro allows users to create complex, custom credit bureau attributes through a simple, easy to use graphical interface. This enables anyone, even non-programmers to easily create credit attributes with a few clicks. Start using AttributePro and say goodbye to your testing and development costs!

  • Flexible

    AttributePro works well with the MergePro merge engine, giving the user the flexibility to calculate new credit attributes from either merged or unmerged data.

  • Input & Output

    AttributePro can create attributes from any of the following: an existing MISMO XML credit report, a PDF credit report, an Equifax infile (versions 5.0, 6.0, Total View, XML and CMS), an Experian infile (versions 6 and 7) and a TransUnion infile (versions 4.0, 4.1 and XML). All output is in MISMO compliant XML.

  • Fast

    AttributePro is blindingly fast. It is able to calculate over 500 credit attributes each second.

  • Easy to Use

    A sample of the literally thousands of possible credit attributes that can be created with AttributePro are shown below. Paired with each credit attribute are the number of clicks and/or keystrokes needed for its creation ยป

  • Number of 60 Day Lates on Non-disputed Installment trades with a Past Due Amount greater than $50. (3 keystrokes and 4 mouse clicks)
  • The total outstanding Balance on all Revolving trades containing any Delinquency within the last 6 months. (4 mouse clicks)
  • Number of Bank Revolving trades opened within the last 2 years. (5 mouse clicks)
  • Maximum number of instances, on any single Mortgage trade, of 30 Day Lates within the last 5 years. (4 mouse clicks)
  • Percent of credit utilization on Non-delinquent, Revolving trades with a Credit Limit above $5000. (5 keystrokes and 4 mouse clicks)