ScorePro allows companies to take credit bureau attributes to the next level and use them to create their own custom credit score. This enables a more robust analysis of credit risk than would be possible simply by viewing the applicant’s FICO® or Vantage scores.

ScorePro determines the correct model to use, generates the variable attribute values, assigns a score, and calculates a total score for an applicant. ScorePro can also overlay some logical rules used in conjunction with the score, and returns the final score value to your decisioning platform.

  • Input

    ScorePro uses attributes from AttributePro (which are themselves based upon either an existing MISMO XML credit report file or any of the following infiles: Equifax (versions 5.0, 6.0, Total View, XML and CMS), Experian (versions 6 and 7), TransUnion (versions 4.0, 4.1 and XML).

  • Fast

    ScorePro is extremely fast. Score calculations are in a fraction of a second. It supports customers of varying sizes with varying application volumes.

Customers can even set up ScorePro to give a much heavier weight to their own accounts so they will have a much greater impact on the calculation of the credit score.

  • Flexible

    ScorePro works well with the AttributePro variable generator and the MergePro merge engine, giving the user the flexibility to generate scores from either merged or unmerged data, and the ability to implement all types of scoring models using new attributes, in a matter of minutes.