MergePower Inc. | AttributePro®


AttributePro allows users to create complex, custom credit bureau attributes through a simple, easy to use graphical interface. This enables anyone, even non-programmers to easily create credit attributes with a few clicks. Start using AttributePro and say goodbye to your testing and development costs!


AttributePro works well with the MergePro merge engine and the ScorePro scoring engine, giving the user the flexibility to calculate new credit attributes from either merged or unmerged data, and the ability to implement all types of scoring models using the new attributes, in a matter of minutes.

Input & Output

AttributePro can create attributes from any of the following: an existing MISMO XML credit report, a PDF credit report, Equifax infile (versions 5.0, 6.0, and CMS), Experian infile (versions 6 and 7) and TransUnion infile (versions 4.0 and 4.1). All output is in MISMO certified XML.


AttributePro is blindingly fast. It is able to calculate approximately 500 credit attributes each second.

Easy to Use

A sample of the literally thousands of possible credit attributes that can be created with AttributePro are shown below. Paired with each credit attribute are the number of clicks and/or keystrokes needed for its creation »

▸  “Number of 60 Day Lates on Non-disputed Installment trades with a Past Due Amount greater than $50”
(3 keystrokes and 4 mouse clicks)
▸  “The total outstanding Balance on all Revolving trades containing any Delinquency within the last 6 months”
(4 mouse clicks)
▸  “Number of Bank Revolving trades opened within the last 2 years”
(5 mouse clicks)

▸  “Number of months since most recent Collection with a Charge Off Amount between $150 and $2000”
(10 keystrokes and 3 mouse clicks)
▸  “Maximum number of instances, on any single Mortgage trade, of 30 Day Lates within the last 5 years”
(4 mouse clicks)
▸  “Percent of credit utilization on Non-delinquent, Revolving trades with a Credit Limit above $5000”
(5 keystrokes and 4 mouse clicks)